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Tesco Finest Dark Chocolate Ginger Cookies

Gofio Biscuits from Canary Islands

If you are travelling to Canary Islands ...

European Christmas Stories by Josh Verbae

A collection of Charismas stories and tales ...

Books to read: Easter TOP 5

[caption id="attachment_166" ...

Tesco Oaties Biscuits

Tesco Oaties Biscuit Review

These humble biscuits by Tesco cost less than £1 and they will impress you and compete well against many expensive brands. These are relatively healthy biscuits too, with generousness serving of oats they will keep you warm ...

Review: Arden And Amici Chocolate Panettone

How to treat yourself before Christmas. Italian Panettone made with butter and chocolate chips, baked to a traditional recipe using a 49 years old mother dough.  A perfect Italian treat. It is made by an authentic Italian ...