Aladdin and Other Fairy Tales

Sovereign Classic BooksThere once lived a poor tailor, who had a son called Aladdin, a careless, idle boy who would do nothing but play ball all day long in the streets with little idle boys like himself. This so grieved the father that he died; yet, in spite of his mother’s tears and prayers, Aladdin did not mend his ways. One day, when he was playing in the streets as usual, a stranger asked him his age, and if he was not the son of Mustapha the tailor…

Andrew Lang was a Scots poet, novelist, and contributor to the field of anthropology. He is best known as a collector of folk and fairy tales. The Andrew Lang lectures at the University of St Andrews are named after him.

Aladdin and Other Fairy Tales by Andrew Lang, ISBN: 9781910343593, Sovereign, 300 pp

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