Aldi has launched special milk cartons for Santa and they are under 50p

Aldi have released cartons of 1 pint semi-skimmed milk just in time for Christmas Eve and it costs just 49p

With just a couple of sleeps left until Santa’s sleigh sets off, discount retailer Aldi has launched 1 pint cartons of semi-skimmed milk that are perfect for Santa.

Yes, the aptly named ‘Santa Milk’ arrived in stores a few weeks ago but you’ve still got plenty of time to pick up a pint for your little ones to leave out.

Aldi have re-branded its normal 1 pint cartons for a limited time only, but the festive cartons are still priced at just 49p. Helping to make the festive season a little more affordable, last week Aldi slashed the price of Christmas veg to just 19p a bag!

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Unlike the discounted veg which has been a hit with almost everyone, The Santa Milk has split opinion on social media with some people loving the festive spirit and others calling it out as a waste of money.

Taking to Facebook, one person said, ‘The little touches are what matter.’

While another added, ‘Why would you want to leave a carton out !! As if Santa has time to drink a pint of milk 😂😂 Sorry but a special mug or milk bottle is better that you can buy & use year after year. What next!!’

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Unconventionally, a few other people joked that ‘their Santa’ preferred slightly stronger refreshments when he stopped and their address… One revealed, ‘Our Santa likes brandy 😂😂😂’, while another said, ‘My santa likes blue WKD 🤣🤣🤣’.

What do you think of the festive re-branding? Will you be dashing out to get one? Yule have to join the conversation over on our Facebook page and share your thoughts…

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