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There are few finer things to wake up to then the smell of coffee wafting up the stairs. Unfortunately, 99.9% of us don’t have butlers, so the morning brew comes down to us, which kind of makes the whole ‘waking up to the smell…’ part a non-starter – but that certainly doesn’t mean you have to drink a below-average brew!

Presto Coffee is all about great-tasting, sustainably sourced premium coffee, and with this exclusive deal, you can bag two 1kg bags (that’s a lot) of its Espresso Blend for a fraction of the normal price.

Bag your beans now

Presto’s award-winning Espresso Blend is a customer favourite made from freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans that originate from the high-altitude regions of Latin America. The beans exude delicious, rich chocolate undertones tempered by a touch of fruity sweetness with a hazelnut finish. Sound good? This deal is the perfect opportunity to discover just how wonderful it is!

Simply buy two 1kg bags of the Presto Espresso Blend and you will get them for just £20, instead of the usual £32, plus £4.99 shipping. Time to fire up the cafetière!

Bag your beans now

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