Molecule O2 Abroxan Ambretta Crystal Clear Eau de Toilette Odoremio Review

Ambretta Crystal Clear Eau de Toilette (25ml perfume spray) OM NToday we are going to review new very exciting fragrance ‘Ambretta Crystal Clear’.  It is a new molecule type lightweight fragrance from London based house Odore MIo. Ambretta contains the same key Amber ingredient as Molecule O2, however there are several differences.

Just like molecule 02 this Ambretta from Odore MIo is subtle, unobtrusive, very sensual and elegant.  It can be worn anywhere without fear that the scent will be too strong or overpowering. Office workers are often very sensitive to strong perfumes and cologe.  So this Ambretta will suit those with sensitive noses around them.

Ambretta Crystal Clear contains additional notes such as spicy vanilla and exotic fruit which make it a more pleasant overall fragrance in comparison to escentric molecules.  These additional exotic notes in Ambretta Crystal Clear make it a more balanced and more interesting fragrance overall.

In terms of packaging Abretta Crystal Clear comes in a really neat light cylindrical bottle which will fit easily anywhere, in your handbag, in your desk draw, even in your pocket.  It is a lovely spray bottle which can in fact also be re-used. So great quality packaging from Odore Mio.

On cost, Odore Mio’s Ambretta CC also scores points. It is very affordable £25.95 for a 25ml bottle.  Molecule O2 on the other hand varies from £60 to over £100 for varying sizes. Both fragrances use very expensive ingredients and on per ml basis are priced similarly, but there are really no affordable editions of molecule 02.  Odore Mio also offers tester 15ml sized spray bottle for as low as £6.95.  Odore Mio is a high end boutique perfume house. All their editions are made in small batches, so hurry up before it’s too late.

Link to Odore Mio

Link to Amretta Crystal Clear

Other shops where Ambretta CC can be purchased include Etsy, Ebay

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