Ocean Waves for Inner Peace: Sunset Meditation

Sunset Meditation

Sunset Meditation is the Ocean Waves ambient audio perfectly captured to deliver that very special moment of inner peace. Whether you try to meditate, distract yourself from the daily hassle, or just trying to have a moment of peace, this audio will help you by surrounding your world with naturally smooth, rich and perfectly paced strokes of ocean waves. Not too fast, and not too slow, the natural world will led its rhythms and energy for you in this holistic recording to achieve that perfect balance of inner peace.

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Sunset Mediatation

This app does not require access to internet or mobile internet to operate. Once installed, all components will be stored locally and can be played any time efficiently even when your device is offline. There is integrated player that comes with audio which gives you complete control over content. The app can also be moved to any location or screen on your device and will be featured as a separate app not requiring subscriptions or any third party software such as iTunes or cloud services.

Sunset Mediation

App Features:

• App includes fully featured audio player
• Audio content integrated in the App
• App will work offline and when device is disconnected from WiFi or internet
• Play, Pause, Next, Back buttons
• Table of contents and navigation between different tracks and chapters
• Click on the top-left comer icon to check track list
• Progress bar indicates position in the track
• Drag progress slider to move quickly to another point in the track
• Free from advertising or in-App purchases

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