Reducing Smoky Smell With Ferns and Forest Perfume

Counter Cigarette Smoke Perfume CologneFor many cigarette smokers presence of unpleasant aroma-chemicals is a serious challenge both at work and at home.  These chemicals can be difficult to remove, but there are ways to counter them.  One of the solutions could come from traditional Ferns and Forest colognes and perfumes.

Ferns used to be first choice of fragrance for Gentlemen’s clubs of 19th century where cigars and pipe smoking was part of the ritual.  Ferns would provide freshness and compliments.  Trying to find a real fern fragrance on high street is a big challenge nowadays. Even if there is a version available it will most likely be cheap synthetic imitation of the original. Odore Mio developed a collection of Ferns from scratch using high quality natural materials.  In current collection we have three ferns: French, English, and Wild.  They share common features and at the same time exhibit individual character.  French being more sensual and spicy.  English being more clean cut and refreshing, and Wild is exactly that with an array of wild botanical extracts.

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