Who is your type? Understanding the 5 Human Types

the 5 Human Types

the 5 Human Types

Understanding the 5 Human Types
This book will introduce you to the art of understanding anthropology of human composition. What makes one person more suited to work with people and another one to deal with ideas and intangible things? Why do some people like to eat so much that they practically live to eat and how this affects their character and abilities in everyday life? And even more importantly, what is your type? How much do you know about yourself? This study is based on extensive research into evolution, biology and psychology of human development. Several chapter are dedicated to practical advice on how to find a perfect marriage type, perfect job and what to avoid when selecting partners, friends and jobs.
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Elsie Benedict, an American anthropologist and lecturer known for her research into human nature and analysis. Her lectures focus on the connection between an individual’s external characteristics and his inner traits. Her work is based upon the practical scientific methods where exhaustive tests are applied to determine individual types, talents, vocational bents and possibilities. Elsie and Ralph Benedict co-written Understanding of the 5 Human Types (ISBN: 9781910343173) published by The Big Nest www.thebignest.co.uk in the Business Library series.
Anthropology of human types

Anthropology of human types

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